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The fiscal cliff has been averted, but the payroll tax cut still expired -- how might this affect your paycheck? As people begin to work on their New Year's resolutions, we explore the "gym-conomy." By one estimate, Hispanic consumers contribute more than a trillion dollars to our economy, with Latina shoppers being the most savvy about their buying. Sarah Gardner talks to the Atlantic’s Jesse Eisinger about his behind-the-scenes article on banking in America. And in the latest "BURN: An Energy Journal" piece, Alex Chadwick looks at what life’s like for the scientist trying to invent a whole new type of battery.

Increase in payroll tax raises concerns for Cleveland small business owner

Steve Presser, proprietor of Big Fun toy store in Cleveland, says although the deal to avert the fiscal cliff eases uncertainty among consumers, the payroll tax increase raises a whole other list of issues.
Posted In: fiscal cliff, Small Business, payroll tax

Latinas are the savviest shoppers

A recent survey finds that Latina shoppers work harder to find deals and use more technology than other consumers.
Posted In: Latina, Hispanic, shopping, Retail

'Cliff' deal ends payroll tax cut

The short-term stimulus plan had pumped billions into the economy.
Posted In: payroll tax, fiscal cliff, Social Security

Scientific method: The search for a better battery

The biggest barrier to renewable energy such as solar and wind is storing the electricity it generates. In a university laboratory, a scientist painstakingly re-imagines the battery.
Posted In: batteries, energy, fossil fuels

New Year's resolutions boost gym memberships

Health club business soars in January as dieters sign up to make good on their New Year’s resolutions. But most don’t keep up their reps.
Posted In: gym, fitness, weight loss, resolution, New Year

Bank balance sheets are incomprehensible, even to experts

After the financial crisis, banks are bigger and are complying with more regulation. That means many more pages in their annual reports, but look closely, and the metrics hide straightforward information about the banks' health.
Posted In: Banks

The fiscal cliff provisions you might not have heard about

Reading the fine print of the fiscal cliff legislation passed on Jan. 1.
Posted In: fiscal cliff

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