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If Congress manages to pass the newly-reached bipartisan budget deal, it will mark something of a change. At long last, the government will have finally managed to get out of its own way and stop being a drag on the U.S. economy. One analyst calls such a turn of events "hard to believe." On the other side of the Atlantic, Denmark – yes, Denmark – is staking its claim to the sea surrounding the North Pole, raising tensions among the countries with a stake in the opening of Arctic seas to oil exploration. And finally, Samsung can put a kill switch in its phones, but carriers won’t let customers activate it.

Steel manufacturing going strong

Steel industry is picking up post-government shutdown.
Posted In: steel, government shutdown, Congress, Small Business

Why are cell phone carriers rejecting the 'kill switch'?

The 'kill switch' is an anti-theft technology designed for cell phones. But not everyone is on board. Now the Attorney General of New York wants to know why.
Posted In: cell phones, kill switch

Not every print magazine is dying. Here's one that's 100 years old.

The magazine is going strong, even though it's subject isn't what it once was in this country.
Posted In: bowling, print, magazines

Don't use these three words on your resume

Hire me: I'm a responsible and creative strategizer!
Posted In: resume, job seekers, hiring, linkedin

With, phones finally begin ringing at small insurers

Many small insurers expected a bonanza of new customers when began on Oct. 1, but the website's problems made the first weeks very quiet for them.
Posted In: Health, ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, health insurers

Oil and the race for the North Pole

Denmark and other countries are staking claims to the sea surrounding the North Pole, with an eye to oil exploration.
Posted In: north pole, Denmark, Norway, Oil, drilling

Budget deal provides some certainty. But what does that mean?

At long last, the government will have finally managed to get out of its own way and stop being a drag on the U.S. economy.
Posted In: budget deal, Paul Ryan, Patty Murray

Philanthropy's edge: Innovation and a long time horizon

Philanthropists say they can take risks that government just can't -- which helps them tackle the root causes of big problems.
Posted In: philanthropy

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