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German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Greece, and was greeted by massive street protests. Meanwhile, Wall Street Journal reporter Liz Rappaport discusses how Wall Street is now backing Mitt Romney this election after backing Barack Obama in 2008. Welders are in big demand and have the potential to bring home large paychecks. A Chicago official looking to reduce gun violence and to close a budget gap has proposed taxing guns and ammunition. After Hurricane Katrina, insurance premiums rose sharply in the Gulf, and residents say the increase may lead them to lose their homes. And the Amish are now venturing into other forms of business.

At time of joblessness, some jobs go begging

Hundreds of thousands of well-paid jobs in manufacturing are left empty because many people lack the skills to fill positions as machinists or welders.
Posted In: welder, manufacturing, skilled labor

Greece reacts with protests to a visit from Germany's Merkel

What are Greeks thinking about after a visit from Germany's Chancellor Merkel? Anger, frustration -- and some merriment.
Posted In: Greece, Angela Merkel, Whats up Europe

Amish farmers become progressive to compete

Increased competition in farming has led Amish farmers to become more progressive in order to stay in business.
Posted In: farming, Amish

How spending may define a campaign

How a candidate staffs his campaign says a lot about the candidate. How the campaign spends money can mean the difference between winning and losing.
Posted In: campaign finance, 2012 election

Cook County considers tax on guns and ammo

The Illinois County that includes Chicago wants to help cover the costs of the city's rising gun violence by taxing ammunition.
Posted In: Chicago, gun, guns, Taxes

Goldman Sachs switches support to Romney

Goldman Sachs has long supported Democrats in the presidential contest. But not this year. Why Goldman and other Wall Street banks are throwing their support behind Mitt Romney.
Posted In: Goldman Sachs, 2012 election

Advocates say insurance costs strain homeowners

Gulf Coast insurance premiums have skyrocketed in recent years, and homeowners advocates say they're seeing people at risk of going into foreclosure because they can't afford their mortgage plus their insurance.
Posted In: home insurance, Gulf residents, Mississippi, foreclosure, Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana

Jack Welch quits Fortune, Reuters columnist gigs

The former chief executive of General Electric received criticism from both Fortune and after insinuating on Twitter that the White House manipulated the monthly jobs report.
Posted In: Jack Welch

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