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The Treasury Department has said Congress needs to extend the nation’s borrowing authority by Oct. 17 or risk default. But private observers say that date might be more like Oct. 22, or maybe even Nov. 1. Plus, a survey out today finds many business travelers opt for McDonald's and Starbucks (they account for 8 percent of all food expenses). It's not because of corporate budget constraints. Fast food joints attract busy, solo business travelers looking for a reliable wi-fi connection. Congress and the media are on full-on freak-out as we head towards default. To the outsider, it looks increasingly likely that we’ll fail to pay the interest we owe on our Treasury bonds. And yet, if you look at the bond market you'd have no idea anything was going on.

Janet Yellen: Obama's pick for Fed chief

There are reports that President Obama will nominate Janet Yellen as the next chair of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday.
Posted In: Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve

A novel of Silicon Valley and other madness

A former Silicon Valley exec lives to tell the tale (in novel form).
Posted In: Silicon Valley

Hog farmers hope shutdown ends before pigs fly

A look at how a hog farmer in Illinois is being affected by the gridlock in Washington.
Posted In: government shutdown 2013, hogs

On an expense account? Try a Big Mac!

Data from business travelers finds McDonald's and Starbucks account for 8 percent of all food expenses.
Posted In: expense accounts, McDonald's, starbucks

The new $100 bill makes its debut

Then it starts a journey that will likely take it overseas or underground into a big pile of cash that nobody can find.
Posted In: currency, dollar, $100 bill

We check our phones over 100 times a day

In a 12-hour day, that's about once every six and a half minutes.
Posted In: cell phones

A train approaches a cliff. But what day will it go over?

On a day of dueling press conferences over the federal shutdown, private observers say the date we may exhaust our borrowing authority may be later than expected.
Posted In: debt ceiling, government shutdown 2013

Insurers look for workarounds to the Affordable Care Act

The health care exchanges are still a technical mess, and some insurers are beefing up their own sites to help people get started.
Posted In: Obamacare, insurance companies, health care exchanges

Bond market couldn't care less about shutdown

As we head towards the debt ceiling deadline, stocks are looking wobbly, and Congress wobblier still. But the debt market looks weirdly zen.
Posted In: bond market, explainer, Treasury bill

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