Marketplace for Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Marketplace for Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What can the gov't do about housing?

The Obama administration has rolled out programs to help the housing market, but without much success. When mid-term elections are finished, will something finally happen on housing? John Dimsdale reports.
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Minn. House race the costliest in U.S.

GOP incumbent Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in Minnesota and her Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark, are running the costliest U.S. House race in the country. They've raised a combined $15 million. Annie Baxter reports on what all that cash can do for a candidate.

Crunching the numbers of an election

For pollsters, the frenzy doesn't stop after the winners are announced. Scott Rasmussen of the Rasmussen Report talks about the work pollsters do before and after Election Day.

The next generation's job market

Once babies learn how to walk and talk, they've got a whole slew of skills they'll have to learn to stay competitive in the future job market.
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Airlines' 'code sharing' practice examined

Major airlines may switch you to a regional carrier during another leg of your trip, a practice known as "code sharing." The National Transportation Safety Board is taking a closer look at these airline contracts, in light of six fatal crashes involving regional airlines.
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Ford posts $1.7 billion in profits in 3Q

It is the sixth consecutive quarter profits for the automotive company increased. Ford also announced plans in reducing its debt.
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Overpaying for bonds? Not as crazy as you'd think

It seems counterintuitive to pay the government for the privilege to lend to it, but investors did just that yesterday. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explains what they were thinking.
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