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Citigroup announced today that its CEO has resigned effective immediately, leaving the company in a questionable position. Japan is about to overtake China in the amount of U.S. debt that it holds. Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport talks about how the town hall participants are chosen for the presidential debate. Levi’s is putting a new spin on recycling -- the company plans to take millions of plastic bottles and turn them into jeans. And author Frederick Kaufman discusses how Wall Street speculation affects the price of food.

Could the candidates answer these questions in tonight's debate?

Foreign Policy magazine put together a list of questions they'd ask if they were in the town hall presidential debate tonight.
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Anti-China rhetoric belies U.S. economic ties

Mitt Romney says Obama policies force U.S. to borrow money from China. But Japan is about to overtake China as largest holder of U.S. debt.
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Citigroup names new CEO in abrupt switch

A sudden change of leadership at Citigroup raises new questions about the future of the embattled banking giant.
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Betting the farm on rising food prices

Could speculators be at the heart of increasing food prices?
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In Northern Spain, hard times stir separatist feelings

In the Northern Spanish region of Catalonia, many say they would be better to go it alone. This rich region puts more into the central government than it gets out and Catalans are starting to resent this.
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Yes, some voters are still undecided

As Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama prepare to meet again for tonight's second presidential debate, they'll face not only the moderator and each other, but undecided voters.
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Levi's launches 'trashy' line of jeans

Wearing the new jeans, made with 20 percent recycled plastic bottles, may say as much about your commitment to the environment as your taste in fashion.
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Gun sales boost Louisiana's bicentennial

With no public money for a celebration of Louisiana's bicentennial, the state has turned to merchandise sales -- including two firearms.
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Will social security increase offset retiree costs?

Seniors wonder whether 1.7 percent hike next year will be enough to cover fast-rising health care expenses.
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