Marketplace for Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Marketplace for Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parking rates go up, cities make bucks

Nobody likes paying for parking, but with city budgets tightening more municipalities are eying the parking meter as a source of new funds. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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FDIC goes after holding firms for cash

When a bank fails the FDIC comes in to clean up the mess, and it's a costly proposition. So the FDIC is looking for new ways to recoup funds. Dan Bobkoff reports on a new solution in an Ohio courtroom.
Posted In: Crime

More cuts expected for educators, staff

State budget cuts are hitting public schools hard. Education Secretary Arne Duncan predicts up to 300,000 teachers and other public school staff could lose their jobs. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Education

Oil clean-up volunteers seek paycheck

BP is recruiting volunteers for training to clean up beaches along the Gulf. Hundreds of people turned up at a makeshift training center in Waveland, Miss. Kate Archer Kent reports.
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Eurozone shaken by debt worries

The euro fell to its lowest level in a year despite recent news of a Greek debt rescue package. Spain was the main focus of worries as rumors swirled it was seeking a bailout. Stephen Beard reports.

Weighing costs, benefits of oil safety

Some critics say the federal agency overseeing offshore drilling has been too lax. They argue that BP and others involved in the Gulf Coast oil spill should have taken more precautions. But deciding how much precaution to take versus how big a risk isn't always so easy. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Are banks really lending again?

A survey from the Federal Reserve says so far this year, banks aren't tightening their lending standards. And in some cases even easing them. Alisa Roth reports.
Posted In: Economy

What's driving gains in auto sales?

April auto sales were up 24% over last year. CEO Jeremy Anwyl talks with Tess Vigeland about where the gains are coming from, and whether we can celebrate an auto industry turnaround.
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