Marketplace for Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Fewer Powerpoints, more napkins

In his new book, "Back of the Napkin," author and consultant Dan Roam says if we want better presentations at meetings -- and better ideas -- we have to get rid of all those Powerpoints.

How bad could economy get? Hold on!

Much of the talk about the economy has involved whether the United States is in a recession. Even if it is, says commentator and economist Susan Lee, things could, and might, get worse.
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Teaching Iraqi children to look ahead

Three-quarters of a million Iraqis displaced by the war are in Jordan. They're spread throughout the local communities, where they've had to find places to live, enough to eat, and an education for their children. Alisa Roth reports.
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Pension funds get back in the action

It's not just wannabe homebuyers who are keeping an anxious eye on the real estate market. State pension funds lost billions when the subprime loan crisis hit and the market collapsed. But now they smell a bargain and they're getting back into the game. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Where does all that Fed money go?

To prop up the economy, the Federal Reserve has put $260 billion into banks' hands through auctions on short-term loans since December. What happens to all that money? John Dimsdale reports.
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Is it a good time to get into real estate?

So, consumer confidence is down and home prices are still sliding. Maybe it's time for some counterintuitive behavior -- like thinking about getting into the housing market. Kai Ryssdal checks out that notion with Dan McGinn of Newsweek.
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Home prices keep falling

The slide in real estate was punctuated today by a report that home prices were down more than 11% in January from a year earlier -- the steepest drop in more than 20 years. Nancy Marshall Genzer has the story.
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Sampling consumers' outlook

Consumer confidence hit a five-year low in March, another victim of tightening credit, rising prices and a crummy job market. We sent Jeremy Hobson to the National Mall in Washington to ask Americans how confident they are.
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