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"Burn" host Alex Chadwick discusses the newly released audio recordings from the day of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown last year. Walmart's fourth quarter earnings slumped by nearly 15 percent due to its low prices. Sony will soon release its handheld gaming device, Playstation Vita. Will it be a success? Journalist Tracie McMillan talks about her journey to see what it takes to eat well in America. And we visit the high school where "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was filmed to learn more about how life turned out for the actual students there.

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Ferris Bueller, 25 years later

Movies can help set our expectations for how life may turn out. So, how did life turn out for the graduates of Ferris Bueller's high school, the real one?
Posted In: movies, Entertainment, Ferris Bueller, change

Nuclear Regulatory Commission releases audio of Fukushima disaster

Alex Chadwick, host of "BURN: An Energy Journal," discusses the conversations at the NRC as the agency became aware of last year's nuclear disaster in Japan.
Posted In: Fukushima, nuclear power, Japan, nuclear energy

Sony unveils new handheld video game console

It is called the PlayStation Vita, and it is coming to the U.S. and Europe this week. A basic Wi-Fi version costs costs $250 and Sony is promoting it with a $50 million marketing campaign.
Posted In: Sony, playstation, vita, video games

Walmart lures shoppers back -- at a price

Walmart boosted U.S. sales in the latest quarter, but shoppers were drawn to lower-priced products and that hit profit margins.
Posted In: Walmart, Retail

Facebook profiles can predict job performance

A new study says looking at people's profiles on the social network can predict how dependable or emotionally stable a person is.
Posted In: Facebook, job performance

The journey from farm to the dinner table

In her new book, journalist Tracie MacMillan explores the various ways that Americans grow, buy, sell and eat their food.
Posted In: Food, Agriculture, Walmart, produce

Greek bond investors take big 'haircut' in bailout deal

Hans Humes is one of the private creditors who is now taking a 74 percent haircut on the Greek debt he owns. He explains what that means, and why he invested.
Posted In: Greece, haircut, Europe debt crisis

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