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Shoplifting could cost retailers nearly $9 billion this holiday season. The strikes at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are entering their second week, but some businesses are actually benefiting from the stoppage. The future of agriculture might be in the hands of robots. Employers are requiring degrees for jobs that didn’t require a diploma just five years ago. We ask a mathematician what it takes to make elevators run smoothly. The series Black Gold Boom provides a look into the life of a North Dakotan roughnecker. And we learn about the history of boredom and how boredom affects our daily lives.

The better side of boredom

Ever wonder what it really means when you're bored?
Posted In: boredom, psychology

The art of elevatoring

How long will you wait for an elevator before becoming frustrated? Elevator expert Theresa Christy says 20 seconds is the industry standard.
Posted In: elevators, design, construction, empire state building

Retailers try to thwart holiday shoplifters

Retailers could lose $9 billion this holiday season to thieves. So stores are trying to stay one technological step ahead of the crooks.
Posted In: shoplifting, Retail

California ports strike enters second week

The strike at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles rumbles on, bringing losses to some and opportunities to others.
Posted In: port, strike, shipping, port of Long Beach

The robot in the garden -- coming soon

Nurseries spend a lot of effort moving potted plants and trees from one place to another. Robots may replace low-paying, seasonal, grueling work.
Posted In: robots, Agriculture

Employers increasingly look for bachelor's degrees

Jobs that used to require no post-secondary education are seeing 'degree inflation.'
Posted In: Jobs, bachelor's degree

Bowl game exposure can come with a cost

Schools see costs of participating in a bowl game as a down payment on invaluable exposure.
Posted In: college sports, college football

The oil boom: Born to be a roughneck

Richard Karpe had his first roughneck job at age 11, on a rig run by his stepfather. He talks about the roughneck life and its hazards.
Posted In: Oil, North Dakota, Black Gold Boom

Poll respondents tricked by Panetta-Burns plan

Twenty-five percent of respondents to Public Policy Polling's new survey said they had heard of a deficit reduction plan that doesn't actually exist.
Posted In: fiscal cliff, deficit-cutting

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