Marketplace for Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2007

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TV-PC convergence is coming fast

You know that harmonic convergence of your television set and PC you've been hearing about? Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports that it's finally on its way.
Posted In: Entertainment, Science

Our nanny's a day-trader

More than 100 million Chinese invest in the stock market, four times the number there were last year. And, as Scott Tong found out, some of them are closer to home than he expected.
Posted In: Wall Street

Crisco: A marketing revolution

Crisco is a staple in many American kitchens and a must-have for homemade pies. But it's also an invented food made by chemists, and the story of how the white stuff became a must-have has become a marketing legend. Sarah Gardner reports.

Being too poor not to go to the dump

Sometimes it's not how much you pay but where you find things. Commentator Mary Annette Pember says for Native Americans the town dump has historically been a key part of the economy.

Long commute for Canadian oil worker

Most of Canada's crude oil is out west, in the oil sands of Alberta. Thirty-thousand people work there. Blair Ghent lives in Newfoundland, on the other side of the country. He makes the long commute alone, but he's not the only one dealing with the hardship. Chris Brookes reports.
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