Marketplace for Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Marketplace for Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The real reason you got laid off

The recession is providing a great cover for employers who have been looking to get rid of employees. Sally Herships reports on why some workers are getting the ax under the guise of a bad economy.
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Letters: Auto unions and April Fools

Kai Ryssdal reviews listener reaction to an April Fool's Day story and commentaries about auto unions and President Obama's stimulus.

Broadband plan brings big changes

The Federal Communications Commission will soon dig into the National Broadband Plan to chart the future of high-speed Internet. What changes could it bring? Tamara Keith reports.

When shipping's down, lay that ship up

As demand for shipped goods falls, ships are left with no cargo. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Chris Sjodoff, vice president of a shipping services company, about how he takes care of his unused ships.

Kosher that's not just for food

As Passover begins, there is a movement in the Jewish community to expand the meaning of kosher beyond just food. Jennifer Collins reports.
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Workers fight against defense cuts

The Department of Defense's budget is being trimmed, and many of the cuts are happening in the aviation field. But the people who help make planes are fighting back. Mitchell Hartman reports.

Split opinions on economy may be good

There is confusion about where we are in the business cycle. While there are signs the credit markets may be thawing, corporate CEOs are feeling gloomy. What do the mixed signals tell us? Amy Scott reports.

Planning to take a chip out of recession

Intel CEO Paul Otellini is an MBA at a company that had been founded and run by engineers. He talks about his 25 years in the computer chip business and the company's strategy for bouncing back from the slow economy.

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