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Siri is now up against some stiff competition. Google’s personal assistant, Google Now, has gone live on the iPhone, and we got the participants in this showdown to talk a little trash. In the world of states and money, state tax receipts are set to exceed the pre-recession peaks. So what are states spending that money on? Also, catch the next installment of our series on "raiteros" and the underground labor market in Chicago.

Comparing CEO-to-employee pay ratios

Bloomberg breaks down the CEO-to-worker pay ratios of the top companies in the S&P 500 index.
Posted In: ceo, JCpenney, ceo pay

Siri, meet your new competitor, Google Now

Siri has some stiff competition in Google's Google Now, which just hit iPhone.
Posted In: siri, Google, cell phones

Backlash builds against online classes

Faculty at Duke and Amherst reject online partnerships -- for now.
Posted In: online education, Duke, Amherst

State budgets are doing better, but will they spend the new income?

State tax receipts have rebounded and are set to exceed the pre-recession peaks. After severe budget cutbacks, states are spending the new money on...what?
Posted In: state budgets, Ohio

Will you buy into Obamacare or pay the penalty?

The new health care law requires individuals to carry health insurance beginning next year, or pay a small fine. Behavioral economists say even a little punishment may go a long way to get people to sign up.
Posted In: health care reform, health insurance

No sequester reprieve for biomedical research

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institute of Health, on how sequester cuts have caused anxiety for young researchers.
Posted In: sequester, sequestration, research, Science

Major American companies benefit from undocumented workers

Major American brands and some of the country's largest temp staffing companies profit from undocumented workers while keeping them at arm's length.
Posted In: undocumented, Chicago, temporary staffing

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