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Defense contractors have warned for months they'll have to lay off thousands of workers if Congress takes us over the fiscal cliff at year's end. As crunch time approaches, how serious are they? Sears and Darden Restaurants have a new plan for employees' health care. The NFL and its referees union have agreed to a new, more lucrative contract. That got us wondering, what does it take to be a ref? Gallup's Frank Newport discusses why there hasn't been a major third-party presidential candidate in this election cycle. Plus, we look at Spain's tough new budget, the bankrupt city of San Bernardino, Calif., and author Nate Silver on statistical modeling.

The problem with statistical models and forecasting

Author Nate Silver discusses why he believes that numbers are part of the challenge in painting a clear picture of the American economy.
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Heartbreak Hotel: Lil Wayne passes Elvis for Billboard record

Rapper Lil Wayne has surpassed Elvis Presley's record of appearances on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
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Spain's government announces tough new budget

In further austerity measures, the government imposes some $50 billion of tax hikes and spending cuts
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, spain, austerity

Missing this election: Third-party presidential candidates

1992 was a banner year for the third-party candidates. Like this election cycle, the economy was bad and people were concerned about the national debt. But no third-party candidate like Ross Perot has emerged.
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What does it take to be an NFL referee?

Recipe for a referee: start at the bottom, hit the gym, and keep your day job.
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Pick-your-policy health care

Instead of offering policies to choose from, some big employers will be offering workers a lump sum and letting them shop for their own health care.
Posted In: health insurance

Defense layoffs or bluff?

Contractors say 'fiscal cliff' could force layoffs; legal deadline for pink slips looms
Posted In: fiscal cliff, defense contractors

San Bernardino struggles after bankruptcy

Long struggling, San Bernardino couldn't weather the storm of the 2008 recession. The city of more than 200,000 has declared bankruptcy, and that's just one of the big problems it's facing.
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