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Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner? Your turkey may have cost a little bit more this year thanks to last summer's drought. Planning to go Black Friday shopping? We look at why stores open so early, anyway. And if you're planning to head to Walmart, you might encounter demonstrations. Some workers are planning a walkout over unfair pay. We talk with Gallup's Frank Newport about who's shopping on Black Friday and check in with two expats about how they're doing on turkey day. Plus, stories on prestigious colleges offering courses online and will the U.K. leave the EU? 

Why do stores open early after the holiday, anyway?

Most people don't go to Black Friday's early store openings. But for retailers, it's like an arms race. If their competitors open early, they have to respond.
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New Black Friday tradition: Workers picket Walmart

Walmart workers will walk picket lines outside stores on Black Friday to protest the retail chain's low wages. Walmart, with more than a million employees, helps set pay levels for the retail industry.
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Could Britain leave the European Union?

Britain contributes far more to the budget of the European Union than it receives in subsidies for agriculture and infrastructure. Its prime minister wants to freeze the budget where it is.
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Turkeys cost a little more this Thanksgiving

This summer's drought meant higher corn prices, and turkeys eat a lot of corn. So restaurants -- and you -- will pay more this Thanksgiving.
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How do American feels about Black Friday?

Long lines, huge crowds, frenzied shopping -- how many people are willing to brave the juggernaut known as Black Friday to get a good deal?
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Advocates say new, online programs offered by prestigious universities will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and traditional classrooms.

More prestigious colleges offer courses online

Advocates say new, online programs will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and in the face-to-face classroom. But they may also be a threat to America's less-prestigious colleges and universities.
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Gobble, gobble, gobble -- on cue

Apparently turkeys can be made to gobble on cue.
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What's up, Europe? The expat's Thanksgiving edition

Americans may be stuffing themselves with turkey on Thanksgiving, but what about Americans on the other side of the pond?
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