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The European Central bank has put in place a “negative interest rate” policy, in hopes of stimulating its economy. We explain what a negative interest rate actually is, and how it will affect the Eurozone economy and that of trading partners like the US. Plus, new data shows the number of American homeowners who are underwater, owing more to banks than their homes are worth, continues to decline. We explore what that means for homeowners and the economy as assets increase and homeowners regain mobility.

Fewer homeowners drowning in mortgage debt

New data shows the number of American homeowners underwater continues to decline.
Posted In: mortgage crisis, home equity
European Central Bank

What negative interest rates mean for the Eurozone

People who save money usually get paid. Now, European banks pay for the privilege.
Posted In: European Central Bank, Europe

Ikea: New Yorkers spend a lot of time in the bathroom

In which Ikea reveals it knows way too much about us.
Posted In: Ikea
National Doughnut Day

So, who's picking up the doughnuts?

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, June 6, 2014
Posted In: doughnuts, donuts

Vehicle ignitions aren't the only problem at GM

General Motors CEO Mary Barra responds.
Posted In: General Motors, GM
Savage Messiah – subsidized by British taxpayers.

Britain is giving subsidies for rock music

U.K. arts subsidies used to be mainly for ballet and theater. That's changing.
Posted In: Britain, United Kingdom (U.K.), Arts, Pete Rock
Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.

Data: The secret ingredient in hospital cooperation

Sharing patient information could save billions a year, but it doesn't happen.
Posted In: data, health care

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