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The holdout investors in the Argentina bond negotiations bought the bonds at a low price and are squeezing Argentina for a profit. Some people might say that makes the investors good businesspeople, but Argentina says it makes them vultures. We explain what vulture funds are, what they do, and how they provide a valuable service to the bond market. Plus, among the penalties handed out to Bank of America for its actions contributing to the mortgage crisis was a $1 million personal fine charged to a former manager. We look at why so few people are being held individually responsible for their actions. Also, the day of driverless cars being on the road as cars, not experiments, is nigh. We look at how insurers might adapt to this new category of vehicle.

Vultures show Argentina no mercy

We look at vulture funds and what they do.
Posted In: Argentina, debt, bond market
Bank of America

Holding individuals responsible for the financial crisis

A former Countrywide employee was fined $1 million, but such cases are rare.
Posted In: Bank of America, mortgage crisis, lenders
Driverless cars

How driverless cars could injure insurers

Who pays when driverless cars have accidents?
Posted In: driverless cars, car insurance, cars

Kellogg's has a cereal problem

Sales in Kellogg's cereal have dropped due to healthier eating habits.
Posted In: cereal, Kellogg's, healthy, Health

Meet the baseball player who invented the high five

Mike Jacobs on Grantland’s short documentary, "30 for 30: The High Five".
Posted In: baseball, high five, Grantland, culture, Sports

What it's like to write 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Nicole Perlman on writing superheroes, a comic-book research assistant, and explosions in space.
Posted In: Marvel comics, movies

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