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Severe droughts across the nation are affecting nearly every level of production. Kai Ryssdal talks to Ken Lenox, a fifth-generation cattle rancher from Missouri,  about the effects of the drought on his land, and reporter Eve Troeh explains what happens when water becomes a hot commodity. Flying these days can be painful, but some airports are hoping to help things along with self-serve machines for everything from check-in to boarding. The new book, "Significant Objects," explores how tchotchkes can be made valuable just through simple storytelling. And Funny or Die's local news team KFOD brings a special report on the rising price of movie tickets.

U.K. judge rules against Apple in infringement case

The judge says Samsung did not copy Apple's iPad design for its Galaxy Tab. In return, Apple's punishment will be pretty public.
Posted In: apple, samsung

Funny Or Die's KFOD reports on sky-high movie prices

Movie tickets have risen since 1902. We turn to the local Funny Or Die news team, KFOD, for answers.
Posted In: humor

Self-serve air travel: Welcome aboard

It was just a small hop from self check-out at the grocery store to self check-in at the airport. Now you can even self-tag your bags and self-board the plane. What's next?
Posted In: airport, air travel

Missouri cattle farmer struggles through Midwest drought

Cattle ranchers in the Midwest face some tough decisions as their pastures bake with little to no rain.
Posted In: Agriculture, cattle, drought, disaster

Safeway feels the supermarket squeeze

Tradition chains like Safeway are stuck in the middle between "experience" stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, and discount grocers like Walmart.
Posted In: supermarket, Safeway

Coachella music festival hits the high seas

Coachella, a hip music festival in California, joins the list of music promoters teaming up with cruise operators to attract young travelers.
Posted In: Coachella, concerts, Music, cruise

Americans weigh in on fixes for the U.S. economy

Gallup's Frank Newport digs into the latest polling data on the cure for our economic ailments.
Posted In: employment, Taxes, 2012 election, Jobs

Turning tchotchkes into significant objects

Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn's new book, "Significant Objects," is an experiment in good storytelling and a good sales pitch.

In a drought, even irrigation isn't a savior

Farmers in dry areas who rely on irrigation start off better in a drought than farmers who count on rain. But when water tables fall, irrigation starts to shut down.
Posted In: farming, drought, corn

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