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The Federal Reserve pledged to keep interest rates near zero until 2014. After a subscriber revolt, Netflix rebounded with huge fourth quarter earnings. The New York Times' Charles Duhigg discusses the unknown truths about Apple's supply chain in China. Commentator Robert Reich says the U.S. government needs to take a more active role if it truly wants to make America globally competitive. And we hear about the current state of the Sundance Film Festival.

Netflix reels in new subscribers

The video service has lured hundreds of thousands of new subscribers with free trials. Converting them to paying customers will be much harder.
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Drones lead the way to tighter defense budgets

Facing nearly half a trillion dollars in mandated budget cuts over the next 10 years, the U.S. Defense Department will spend more on technology like robots and drones -- and less on soldiers, ships, fighter planes and other conventional weapons.
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Does the private sector want to create jobs in the U.S.?

Commentator Robert Reich says multinational companies based in the U.S. look out for their own interests, not American workers.
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New maps mean new possibilities for gardeners

Climate zones are shifting, says the USDA, so sure, grow bananas in Ohio.
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Behind the sale at Sundance

The annual Sundance Film Festival runs through Sunday. While Sundance has evolved beyond film and into a cultural phenomenon over the years, independent film producers now have more outlets than ever at the festival.
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Ben Bernanke to give lectures on Federal Reserve

The chairman of the Federal Reserve will be leading an undergraduate course on the Fed and its role in the economy. How are students reacting?
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The downside of low interest rates

Retirees see less return on savings; some businesses invest in tech, not workers.
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One Year On: Are Egyptians better off?

How Egyptians are fairing economically one year after the end of ruler Hosni Mubarak's reign.
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Apple's China supply chain exposed

The New York Times' Charles Duhigg discusses the harsh working conditions at Apple's manufacturers in China, and what can be done to enact change.
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