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We look at whether the merger between American and US Airways will really shake up the industry. Microsoft goes after Google in the style of a political attack ad. Fashion journalist Kate Betts discusses Fashion Week trends and the economics behind them. Dan Gorenstein previews Steven Soderbergh's latest film, "Side Effects," a thriller surrounding pharmaceutical pills. Commentator Afi Odelia Scruggs talks about  the emotional impact of finding out her great great grandfather was worth, as a slave, the same amount in modern dollars as her 10-year-old car. And journalist Charlie LeDuff talks about the city of Detroit's slow decline and what it can teach the rest of the country.

American, US Airways may marry out of need

American is emerging from bankruptcy. US Airways needs a big brother. Will the latest deal to create the biggest airline happen this time?
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, US Airways, American Airlines

Going 'contemporary' during New York's Fashion Week

Designers like Tory Burch target working moms with high fashion at mid-level prices.
Posted In: fashion, Fashion Week

Family members as property

Commentator Afi-Odelia Scruggs contemplates her great-great-grandfather as someone's 'personal property.'
Posted In: slavery

Just how would the 'sequester' affect you?

For one thing, 63,000 kids would get booted from Head Start.
Posted In: sequestration, Education, defense, budget

Charlie LeDuff on going home to Detroit, and the problems with ruin porn

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie LeDuff goes home in his latest book, "Detroit: An American Autopsy."
Posted In: Detroit

'Side Effects' tells a tale of medicine, big business and murder

Stephen Soderbergh's new psychopharmalogical thriller digs into the cozy relationship between doctors and drug companies.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, pills, Entertainment, film

Microsoft on the attack against Google in new ads

New "Scroogled" campaign raises questions about the efficacy of attack ads in the commercial realm.
Posted In: Microsoft, Google, Gmail

25 billion iTunes downloads for Apple, but a lawsuit too

Timing is everything for the tech giant.
Posted In: apple

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