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Google Maps are back on Apple products. There's also an app called Uber that allows you to request car service from wherever you are, but it's become a nightmare for cab drivers who make money doing the same thing -- Kai Ryssdal talks to Uber's CEO about the situation. The British government gave the okay for a company to resume test drilling for shale gas using the method known as fracking. We look into the concept of chained CPI and how it could solve our country's deficit woes. Commentator Robert Reich shares an observation about gift-giving, and we imagine a world without holidays and holiday shopping seasons.

New York, Washington allow Uber to compete with taxis

For transportation app company, Uber, a victory in New York and Washington D.C., suggests a bright future.
Posted In: Transportation, app, taxicabs

Geffen gives UCLA $100 million for scholarships

In an age of slashed state university budgets, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block calls Geffen's gift "visionary."
Posted In: philanthropy, geffen, ucla, Charitable giving

The top places to work in the federal government

NASA and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation among the best on the list.
Posted In: workplace, Jobs, NASA, FDIC

Viral ads grab more Internet eyeballs

Advertising Age’s top 10 viral ads show that many ad campaigns now originate on the Internet rather than as TV commercials.
Posted In: advertising, viral

Alternate inflation index could save billions

To avoid the fiscal cliff, some want to change the Consumer Price Index to reflect lower real inflation. That would cut Social Security payments.
Posted In: CPI, inflation, fiscal cliff

Britain's energy needs overcome fracking fears

Britain's government has given a company the green light for further hydraulic fracturing. The extraction of shale gas is seen as an economic lifeline as North Sea oil and gas deposits dwindle.
Posted In: fracking, U.K.

Spirit of the (cyber)season

Does the embrace of online shopping lessen the meaning of the holiday season?
Posted In: gift giving, gifts, holiday shopping

Google maps app invades the iPhone

Google's new maps app was a blockbuster download on its first day. Will Apple ever lure its users back to Apple Maps?
Posted In: google maps, apple, iPhone

Imagine a calendar without a holiday shopping season

How would the economy be affected if we didn't have Christmas and other holidays to stimulate our spending?
Posted In: Retail, Christmas, holiday shopping, shopping

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