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Now that the central banks are jumping in to help ease the credit crunch in the global economy, who might hold the most risk in a potential eurozone breakup? Many Europeans are still looking to Germany to save the day. Warren Buffett's bought his hometown newspaper. Night-shift manufacturing gets a makeover. We look at why 'crap' technology might be great technology. And Economy 4.0 discovers what it takes to purchase a home on a Native American reservation.

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Warren Buffett buys his hometown paper

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will buy the Omaha World-Herald Co. Why go local?
Posted In: Warren Buffett, newspapers

Germany could rescue the eurozone, but will it?

Germany is the only eurozone country rich enough to bail out the euro, but many German voters and politicians feel they have already done enough.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Germany

Generations of housing red tape

On the Pine Ridge reservation, buying a home can take decades, even if you have the money.
Posted In: Housing

Borrowing Europe's debt troubles

Is the U.S. borrowing trouble with the Federal Reserve's offer to swap dollars for shaky euros?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Federal Reserve

Crap technology, not crappy

Thomas Hayden discusses the advantages of using what he calls "crap" technology.
Posted In: ipod, mp3, technology

More factories turn to automation for the night shift

"Lights-out machining" leads to layoffs for some workers but saves jobs for others.
Posted In: manufacturing, night shift

Los Angeles hit with powerful, hurricane-like winds

About a quarter million people lost power and suffered other wind damages.
Posted In: weather, wind

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