Marketplace for September 9, 2011

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Marketplace for September 9, 2011

Bank of America to lay off thousands

The bank, still digging itself out of the financial crisis, plans to cut thousands of workers as it struggles to regain investor confidence.
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College students fret that few jobs await them

At Lewis and Clark, students worry about their employment prospects, even if they didn't tune in to President Obama's plan to fix the job market.
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Solyndra's bankruptcy, and how the government was involved

The solar company recently filed for bankruptcy. Why this particular filing is significant and controversial, and why it may even get political.

Weekly Wrap: An economist roundtable on jobs

Three economists discuss their ideas and concerns about job creation in this country.
Posted In: Jobs

9/11 stories: Listen and share yours

In their own words, survivors of the terrorist attacks describe the personal impact that 9/11 has had on their lives and career choices. Listen to a montage and share your stories.

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