Marketplace for September 20, 2011

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Marketplace for September 20, 2011

The pros and cons of an underground economy

In these tough economic times, some businesses and individuals are turning to underground economic activities. It's a way to sidestep the government temporarily and make due, but won't be good in the long-term.
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Snip here, snip there

President Obama said yesterday if Republicans won't hike taxes on the rich, he'll protect entitlements. If the two sides can't agree, we're in for across-the-board cuts.

U.S. banks say they have manageable euro debt

A default by Greece may cause little direct harm to the U.S. financial system, but ripple effects are harder to predict.
Posted In: Banks

Don't Ask, Don't Tell ends

Ousted gay and lesbian service members return for jobs.
Posted In: Jobs

New MacArthur fellow hopes to bridge U.S. racial-achievement gap

Harvard economics Professor Roland Fryer is one of 22 recipients of a MacArthur Fellowship. He discusses what he researches and how he plans to use the $500,000 he received.
Posted In: Education

Anemic demand for flu shots

Pharmacies and grocery stores sitting on too much stock
Posted In: Health

Chinese counterfeiters churn out fake U.S. IDs

High-quality printing plants have been making knock-off cigarettes and over-the-counter drugs for years, and are now getting into state drivers licenses. Customs officials have seized thousands.
Posted In: Crime

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