Marketplace for September 14, 2011

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Marketplace for September 14, 2011

Emerging BRIC countries may save the eurozone

The coalition of developing countries including Brazil, India and China are meeting next week, and there are talks that they will be the ones to help the eurozone's crises.

Bad economy inspires UAW and automakers to make nice

With contract negotiations in the final phase, neither unions nor automakers have much leverage.
Posted In: Auto

Why you should care about Greece's potential default

If European countries aren't able to repay loans, it affects Americans in a variety of ways, from the value of the dollar to the worth of our investment funds.
Posted In: Economy

Letters: Saving gas, the elephant in the jobs room

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: the elephant in the room during discussions about job creation, hearing more upbeat stories and about hypermilers.

Bike-share system to roll out on New York City streets

New York joins other big U.S. cities to create short-term bike rentals. But the complicated logistics can make officials' heads spin.
Posted In: Transportation

Facebook takes page from Google+

Facebook rolls out plan for users to group friends in categories. The move is meant to boost revenue by enabling advertisers to target their pitches.

It's not easy funding green

Solyndra recently declared bankruptcy. The solar firm has millions in U.S. loan guarantees. What does its failure tell us?

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