Marketplace PM for November 22, 2006

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Investors banking on friendlier economic skies

A private investment firm has offered to buy Qantas Airways for close to $10 billion. John Dimsdale looks at why they're keen to invest in the airline, given the industry's reputation as a money drain.
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Was Grasso worth it?

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has hired a business professor to help him prove that former NYSE Chairman Richard Grasso didn't deserve his $187 million pay package. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: New York, Wall Street

Shoppers, you're being watched

Retail analyst Brad Stephens will be among the hordes of shoppers flocking to malls this weekend — but he's not there for the bargains. Host Kai Ryssdal asks him what he's looking for.

We need to regulate smarter — not less

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is concerned about the competitiveness of U.S. markets. Commentator Glenn Hubbard says regular Americans should be worried too.

Perception of security

Thousands of Americans will have items confiscated from their carry-on luggage this holiday weekend. Bob Moon checks into how the TSA identifies which items it considers a threat.
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Surviving the ex-pat tax

Congress passed a tax increase in May that's expected to rake in big bucks for the government — but it could backfire. U.S. businesses worry it'll hurt their ability to employee Americans oversees. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Pumpkin wars: Deconstructing pie

Homemade? Store-bought? Just in time for Thanksgiving, we do the numbers on pumpkin pie. Host Kai Ryssdal and some expert Marketplace tasters give us a cost-benefit analysis.

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