Marketplace PM for November 1, 2006

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CVS to buy Caremark

The country's second largest drugstore chain says it's buying a leading pharmacy benefit manager for just under $21 billion. Analysts say the move gives it more power to compete with Wal-Mart. Amy Scott reports.

Advertisers avoiding controversy

A memo leaked from ABC News radio suggests that nearly 100 top advertisers don't want to be associated with left-leaning Air America. Alisa Roth asks, is that good business?

Fat and happy

New research out of Harvard finds mice given large amounts of a compound found in red wine were able to consume high-calorie diets without the usual bad side effects of getting fat. Helen Palmer reports.
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Smokers: 'We have rights too'

Big tobacco is spending serious cash this year to fight smoking bans and cigarette taxes on ballots around the country. Mhari Saito reports from Cleveland where she found smokers welcoming the defense.

How do we fix education?

With less than a week left until Election Day, commentators David Frum and Robert Reich wrap up a series of Real Agenda debates. This time: Education — it's on the ballot in a dozen states.

We've got mail

Host Kai Ryssdal digs through the Marketplace mailbag to share some recent comments from our listeners.

Guest worker problems in Malaysia

Malaysia is wealthier than neighboring Indonesia, so it attracts a lot of illegal workers despite having a guest worker program. And periodic government crackdowns are causing big problems for the economy, Miranda Kennedy reports.
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This final note . . .

Universal Tube is an industrial products company based in Ohio. They have a nice website. Just one problem, though: Their homepage is U-T-U-B-E. Not far enough removed from that other site you might have heard of . . .

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