Marketplace PM for June 13, 2007

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Senators target China with trade bill

U.S. manufacturers have long complained that China depresses the cost of its currency to gain an unfair trade advantage. A bipartisan group of senators wants the administration to do something about that. Steve Henn reports.
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Amendments could cut energy bill's steam

Democrats on Capitol Hill are horse-trading their way toward a new energy bill. But in the Senate some controversial amendments are threatening to derail it. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Americans keep on spending

Once again the American consumer is riding to the economic rescue. The government says retail sales were up 1.4% in May. But retail consultant Howard Davidowitz figures there's less to the numbers than meets the eye.
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Trying to get immigration bill moving again

The White House has dispatched Commerce Secy. Carlos Gutierrez to lobby businesses and Latino groups to get the immigration bill back on track. He tried out his sales pitch on Kai Ryssdal today.
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Taking the long way to America

Cuban migrants who actually set foot on American soil get to stay as refugees. Anybody caught at sea is sent home. So, many migrants no longer take a boat to Florida. Lygia Navarro reports on what they're doing now.
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Passport problems keep travelers at home

The State Department recently relaxed passport requirements for travel abroad so it could dig out of a mountain of applications. But the temporary fix isn't working. A lot of travelers are stuck and losing money. Bob Moon reports.
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Even he's still waiting for his passport

It seems there are no exceptions to passport complications, not even for a former high-ranking federal official like commentator Robert Reich. He tells his story.
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Program gives workers seeds for success

Farm workers usually start and end their careers in the same kind of job. Doing back-breaking work for someone else. A training program in Salinas, Calif., is trying to change that. Rachael McDonald reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

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