Marketplace PM for February 8, 2007

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Mortgage failures starting to mount

British banking giant HSBC is facing bad-debt charges of more than $10 billion — worse than analysts expected. The company blames U.S. mortgage holders who aren't making payments. As Alisa Roth reports, HSBC's not the only one in trouble.
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If you still want that Prius . . .

The hybrid Prius is a bit of a harder sell today than it was last year, when inflated gas prices inspired greener-minded car buyers. Sarah Gardner reports on Toyota's push to increase sales.
Posted In: Retail

Greenhouse gas cuts hurt by loophole leak

A report out today says billions of dollars are being wasted due to a loophole in the Kyoto Protocol's carbon trading scheme. Sam Eaton reports.
Posted In: Canada

Advertisers make super blunders

A few Super Bowl TV ads are under fire. Critics say they went beyond just bad taste to being offensive — and even dangerous. Pat Loeb reports.
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U.S. takes new steps in North Korea talks

As part of their six-party negotiations with North Korea, the U.S. may be considering easing some banking sanctions. Kai Ryssdal talks with Marketplace's Scott Tong from Shanghai about the ongoing talks.
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Shareholders to CEOs: Do not pass 'Go'

Angered by exorbitant executive compensation packages, some shareholders are taking action. This proxy season, they're fighting back with voting power. Amy Scott reports.

Private equity does a lot of public good

Critics of private equity deals say the firms involved just want to strip their purchases down and sell them off. But commentator Matthew Bishop sees it differently.

European markets not eager to repeat U.S. 'mistake'

Regulations similar to those that prompted some businesses to leave U.S. stock markets are being considered in Europe. That concerns the exchanges there, which benefitted from the fallout. Stephen Beard reports.
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