Marketplace PM for February 20, 2007

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Supreme Court rulings are all business

The Supreme Court handed down rulings today in favor of corporate America — one for Weyerhaeuser, the timber company, and the other involving cigarette maker Philip Morris. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
Posted In: Crime, Health

Viacom's online video outlet is Joost

Following its fallout with YouTube, Viacom has announced it will put its programming online through a new service called Joost. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

Change the lightbulb, save the planet

Australia plans to replace all incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescents by 2010 to cut greenhouse emissions. But Sam Eaton reports there'll still be plenty of demand for Thomas Edison's bright idea.

Fear and greed could have bull on the run

European investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort says that, according to its Fear and Greed Index, the end is nigh for the bull market and we're in for w worldwide economic slump. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada, Economy, Investing

New rules don't cut off power trips

The House Ethics Committee is set to announce new rules on congressional travel. But Steve Henn reports some newly elected leaders started planning their latest trips before the ink was even dry.
Posted In: Washington

Enough with the family photos!

In Britain, a big company just told employees they can't have knickknacks on their desks. No family snapshots or mementos. Workers grumbled, of course. But commentator Lucy Kellaway says around the office, less is more.

Flying close to the margins

JetBlue is trying to bounce back from what its CEO David Neeleman called a mortifying series of events over the past week. The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney tells Kai Ryssdal that other airlines risk a similar fate.
Posted In: Travel

Private equity looks to give addicts the treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab centers are seeing more business lately. And not just from celebs but from everyday folks, too. Private equity groups have noticed. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
Posted In: Health, Investing

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