Marketplace PM for December 29, 2006

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AT&T, BellSouth finally wed

The $85 billion merger received a final nod from the Federal Communications Commission after AT&T agreed to treat all broadband customers and content equally. Amy Scott reports.

Russia, Belarus standoff heats up

Russia says it may cut off natural gas to Belarus if the nation doesn't pay twice the price to Kremlin-controlled Gazprom. Belarus could counter by shutting off the natural-gas flow over its territory into Western Europe. Stephen Beard reports.
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Report gives Apple some Jobs security

A report filed by the company today clears CEO Steve Jobs and the rest of Apple's current management team of any wrongdoing in its stock option backdating scandal.

Cracking the HD-DVD code

A computer hacker is now claiming he's cracked the supposedly hacker-proof code for the budding High Definition DVD technology. Sam Eaton looks at what this may mean to Hollywood's hopes for boosting sagging sales.

Reporter's dream assignment: Free Beer

The open-source movement isn't limited to computers. The "code" for a good brew is making the rounds. Marketplace <nobr>strong-armed</nobr> reporter Ethan Lindsey into tracking down the source.
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Week on Wall Street

Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson discusses with host Bob Moon what happened on Wall Street in 2006 and what may lie ahead.
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In 2006, the Big Three got smaller

Micheline Maynard, Detroit bureau chief for The New York Times, takes a look back with Bob Moon at the rough year for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Resolution: Think inside the box

Commentator Catherine Price is determined to be more organized in 2007. So she took a trip to the Container Store and came home with lots of things where she can put lots of things.

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