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Disney With Donald
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President Obama is making big news about changes that will make but a small difference in the student loan debacle. But who will these changes help? And by how much will it help them? Plus, Time Inc. is going at it alone after having been spun off from Time Warner. The biggest-selling magazine in the company's stable of publications is People. But the celebrity magazine industry, like all print media is facing declining sales. So how do People and other celebrity magazines keep up their sales and future-proof their industry? Also, the latest venture-capital investment in Uber has put the car-service algorithm's paper value at more than $17 billion. Who's investing in Uber? And why would they think it's worth so much?
The Ludlow Suit

Contemplating the short suit

A menswear suit in which the pants are actually shorts.
Posted In: menswear
Uber’s worth $18 billion… if it replaces your jetpack.

At $18 billion, Uber isn't just competing with taxis

Rather, investors are betting they'll change transportation as we know it.
Posted In: Uber, jetpacks, taxicabs
Magazines on a newsstand in 2009.

Why the celeb mag market is still worth something

Print media faces declining sales. How do celebrity magazines like People keep up?
Posted In: magazines, print, publishing
Student loans

Another plan to ease the student-loan burden

This one will expand the pay-as-you go program for government loans
Posted In: student loans, debt, President Obama

How do restaurants set their buffet prices?

There's a careful science to pricing a buffet - and to getting your money's worth.
Posted In: buffets, restaurants, food and drink

Slow down, or blow up. 'Speed' turns 20.

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, June 10, 2014.
Boeing 707

How the jet changed air travel

Jet setting used to be just for the wealthy. Not anymore.
Posted In: Airlines, jets, Boeing, jet setting

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