Marketplace for Monday, June 3, 2013

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Advertisers are starting to toe the line. They're putting up ads with swear words, FCC rules be ... you get the idea. Why are those four-letter words worth the price? In Moore, Okla., we take a look at how recovery works differently depending on your income. Plus, Apple is set to start a music streaming service. What's the future for the Spotifys of the world?

A health datapalooza: Washington and private health care's quest to mine health data

For two days, nearly 2,000 data geeks, entrepreneurs, federal bureaucrats and medical folks will descend on Washington, D.C., hoping to help solve the nation’s health care crisis through algorithms and spreadsheets.
Posted In: health care, big data, data mining

Wisdom from Ben Bernanke's Baccalaureate address at Princeton

No hints about when interest rates are gonna go up, or what the Fed's gonna do about unemployment. Just a little wisdom for the graduates.
Posted In: Ben Bernanke

Losing "everything" is relative in a tornado

Natural disasters are great equalizers, but recoveries can look different.
Posted In: disasters, oklahoma, tornado, FEMA

What does Apple's possible announcement mean for the future of steaming music?

Apple sells a lot of music through iTunes. Now it looks set to launch its own music-streaming service. Can it turn a profit where Pandora and Spotify have faltered?
Posted In: music streaming, apple, spotify

How does a $25 room service burger not make money?

New York’s biggest hotel is scrapping room service in August, cutting 55 jobs. What will its elimination mean for a hotel that charges $300 a night? An explanation on the economics of room service.
Posted In: hotels, room service, Travel

Walmart faces a challenge: Keep fresh produce looking fresh

The mass retailer and its employees have a lot to learn about handling stuff that has to look good in the display case and has a short life, if it wants to succeed with fresh produce.
Posted In: Wal-Mart, produce, groceries

In school, the wealth gap takes the form of the opportunity gap

While much attention has been given to the achievement of students, little attention has been given to the disproportion in educational opportunities between wealthy and poor children.
Posted In: wealth gap, poverty, Education

Name that Tube stop

In the U.S., corporations pay big money to put their names on sports stadiums and other venues. Now there's a proposal to rename stops on the London subway. The idea is to raise money for the subway system and reduce fares.
Posted In: London, Tube, Transportation, sponsorship, marketing

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