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Major companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up to fight online phishing scams. A behavioral economist talks about how our Google search results help the fields of science and medicine. Megaupload's 50 million users will lose their files once the site starts deleting its data this week. Florida was hit hard by the recession, but now there is some job growth. And author Louis Hyman discusses borrowing in American culture.

A history of American borrowing

Borrowing wasn't always thought of as an abstract, impersonal concept. Author Louis Hyman discusses the history of borrowing and his new book, "Borrow: The American Way of Debt."
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Florida gets more jobs, but maybe not the right kind

Florida has long relied on tourism to drive its economy, but the state wants more technology firms and other skilled jobs.
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Big email companies and online bankers fight phishing

Tech companies Google, Yahoo, Microsoft are teaming up with financial institutions to launch a project to stem the tide of email phishing or malicious spam offers flooding inboxes and destroying trust in email.
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Megaupload case exposes cloud computing risks

Users of blocked file-sharing site Megaupload could have their photos and personal documents purged. How safe is it to store data in the cloud?
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On the agenda at this week's European summit

Indeed, European leaders are meeting once again to discuss the European Union debt crisis, but there will also be talk of economic growth and job creation.
Posted In: Eurozone, Greece, Germany

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to appear on 'The Simpsons'

It wasn't so easy to get the controversial figure on the show, though.
Posted In: The Simpsons, Julian Assange, wikileaks

How Google searches are leading economic indicators

Behavioral economist Sendhil Mullainathan discusses how data from your online searches can help not just advertisers, but also economists in researching the state of the economy.
Posted In: online advertising, Google, leading economic indicators

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