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China's Foxconn factory is finally raising wages for its workers. When you give money to a political campaign, do you know how it will be used? A second European bailout is in the works for Greece. With Medicare payments to doctors set to shrink, Congress has found other ways to make up the difference. And China correspondent Rob Schmitz reports on the efforts of a senior citizen who's fighting against counterfeit products.

Chinese retiree leads crusade against fake products

A mild-mannered pensioner in China gains national attention for his grumpy-old-man approach to protecting consumers from fraudulent products.
Posted In: China, consumer, false advertising

Where do campaign donations go?

Wealthy donors who contribute to political campaigns get lots of media attention -- but not nearly as much attention is paid to how that money gets spent.
Posted In: super PAC, 2012 election, campaign spending

Hate those endless meetings? Try standing up

A project management consultant offers a few tips to keep team office meetings short and sweet.
Posted In: office behavior, workplace

Taco Bell to launch Doritos tacos

Taco Bell will soon roll out tacos that have shells made from Doritos chips.
Posted In: fast food, Taco Bell, Food, Doritos

Medicare payments for doctors kept intact

Congress’ Medicare deal slashes funds for public health programs rather than planned cuts in reimbursements to doctors.
Posted In: preventive health, Medicare

European finance ministers close to agreement on Greece

The second bailout deal for Greece seems imminent, but it still won't bring a total end to the debt crisis.
Posted In: Greece, greek bailout, Europe debt crisis

Foxconn agrees to raise worker wages

The Taiwan-based manufacturer will also cut down on excessive overtime. What will this mean for its purchasers -- like Apple -- and consumers?
Posted In: Foxconn, labor, China

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