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The non-profit makes a deal with Getty to stock more pictures of empowered women. We look at how stock photos have taken over the image world, what the move can mean, and what it can’t do (change needs to come from the demand side, and not just the supply side). In other familiar pictures, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is in the news again, having delivered yet another mea culpa related to his fast mouth and poor choice of words. How many passes does the man get before he loses his job? And, in medical news, rather than getting paid based on how many tests they do, but on whether their patients get better and stay better. So healthcare providers are looking for comparatively inexpensive ways to improve outcomes. Enter the “lay community health worker.” 

Another day, another delay for the Affordable Care Act

Companies have more time to figure out how the healthcare law affects them
Posted In: Affordable Care Act

9 ways to save on rental cars

In sum: it never hurts to ask.
Posted In: rental car

Will Missouri football player Michael Sam get drafted?

He told ESPN and The New York Times that he's gay -- and now the NFL has to make a business decision
Posted In: Michael Sam, NFL, NFL draft

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: How many chances does he get?

Isn't his board getting tired of the mea culpas?
Posted In: aol, tim armstrong, CEOs

How do rental car companies make money?

And seriously, what's with those key chains you can't take apart?
Posted In: rental car, cars, Hertz

Delivering better medical care, at $15 an hour

Community health workers: an inexpensive and extremely effective medical resource
Posted In: community health workers, doctors

Navigating the many firsts of freshman year

Going away to school is an adjustment for nearly every student, but when you're the first in your family to go, the transition can be even harder
Posted In: higher education, college, first-generation college students

What kind of stock photo says "working women"?

Getty Images and Lean In are putting together alternatives to women climbing ladders and smiling at their salads
Posted In: Getty images, stock photos, Lean In

It's Monday. Let's talk about stress.

The Marketplace Datebook for February 11th.
Posted In: stress, labor, commerce

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