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Mitt Romney's choice for vice presidential candidate is young and in the know, so how long before Americans start doing as Paul Ryan does and spending their money in the same places and on the same things? And we look into whether it could really be the budget and government spending -- and not the economy -- that's top of mind for voters. Google has announced it's buying the travel guidebook company Frommers. A New York judge says that credit card companies are utilizing the same robo-signing tactics used during the mortgage crisis to collect credit card debt. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Garret Keizer about his new book about privacy.

With summer heat turned up, businesses adapt

Both drought and heat are taking their toll on small businesses, but businesses find ways to get by and even prosper.
Posted In: drought

How privacy is viewed today

Author Garret Keizer on the price of privacy and whether it is less valued today than in the past.
Posted In: privacy

Robo-signing moves to credit cards

First came mortgages. Now, courts are ruling against credit card issuers for sloppy paperwork or lack of proof when they sue alleged deadbeats.
Posted In: Money Matters, robo-signing, Credit Cards

The Ryan effect -- on brands, even hobbies he likes

Political stars have a way of driving business. What impact will Paul Ryan’s passion for fitness and outdoor activities have in the marketplace?
Posted In: Paul Ryan

What Google wants with travel guide Frommer's

Mergers and acquisitions news today as Google adds guidebook company Frommer's to its travel and entertainment quiver. What does the search company want to do with the old-school guidebook?
Posted In: search engines, media, Travel, Mergers and Acquisitions, Google, Frommer's

MundoFox takes on Univision and Telemundo

News Corp. launches Spanish-language network in the U.S.
Posted In: MundoFox, Fox, Latino community, Hispanics, News Corp.

A work-around for sanctions in Syria

There are lots of ways that U.S. companies get around sanctions in foreign countries. But the trail isn't easy to follow.
Posted In: syria, sanctions

Does 'it's the budget, stupid' resonate with voters?

Republican veep pick Paul Ryan a name for himself by proposing deep cuts in the federal budget. Will his focus on budget issues play well in November?
Posted In: Paul Ryan

Barack Obama's already lost one congressional district

Don't expect the Wisconsin's 1st District to go blue this November.
Posted In: Paul Ryan, Wisconsin, Barack Obama

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