Marketplace for June 30, 2011

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Marketplace for June 30, 2011

What will happen to America when we're no longer No. 1?

Reporter Heidi Moore discusses what people are talking about at the Aspen Ideas Festival and why unemployment is so devastating for the U.S.
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A tale of two Aspens

Host Kai Ryssdal describes life for people in Aspen -- the rich, poor, and those in-between -- how they differ and what they share in common.

Recalculating the Consumer Price Index

The government uses the CPI to measure inflation and set benefits and taxes. Some lawmakers are thinking about a different formula that would lower benefits and save money.
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The status of the economic recovery, and what's to come

An agreement seems to be pending on the debt ceiling. How else is the U.S. economy continuing to heal? The <em>New York Times</em>' David Leonhardt and Joe Nocera offer their views.
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Greece approves spending cuts, tax hikes

Greece's parliament has approved $40 billion worth of spending cuts and tax hikes as part of an austerity package, but most Greeks oppose the cuts.

Fed money program ends, at what cost?

The Federal Reserve bought 85 percent of new Treasury bonds as it pumped money into the economy.
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