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Twitter is going public. It announced the news yesterday, in a tweet, and now the world is all a-twitter about how good an investment the company might really be. Problem is, no-one quite knows how it makes money, and the company isn't telling. At least, not yet. Oh, and Sarah Jessica Parker has a new shoe line. Better late than never.

Summers at center of unusually public fight over Fed

Larry Summers, widely thought to be on the short list of candidates to lead the Federal Reserve, has been criticized for his policies and his personality.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Larry Summers

After Lehman: What did we learn?

A Weekly Wrap look back at the events of five years ago.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Hank Paulson on financial system five years later: "I am concerned"

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson talks about stabilizing the U.S. economy and financial system, and the work that still needs to be done.
Posted In: Henry Paulson, financial crisis

Coming soon: Sarah Jessica Parker shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker will launch a line of shoes at Nordstrom in early 2014. But they may not be what you are expecting.
Posted In: Sarah Jessica Parker, fashion, shoes

How the @### is Twitter going to make money?

Twitter's going public! But no-one quite knows how the company expects to generate revenue. And for now, Twitter's not telling.
Posted In: Twitter, IPO

Greeks using computers at work lose extra holiday

The Greek government has scrapped a 24-year-old perk enjoyed by public sector workers.
Posted In: Greece

When the financial crisis met pop culture

How the bad banks, home foreclosures and layoffs of the financial crisis found their way into pop culture.
Posted In: Pop Culture, Wall Street

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