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PRISM is no longer about rainbows any more. The government is listening, at least somewhat. We look at what we can do as consumers to pressure internet and telecommunications companies to fight back against government surveillance of personal  data. Plus, Grumpy Cat has taken the Internet by storm. So much so that the frowny kitty has a movie deal. We talk to the feline agent who represents Grumpy.

Post-revolution Egypt: Not much better and about to get worse for the poor

The economic downtown that followed Egypt's uprising continues to make difficult circumstances even worse for the country's poor.
Posted In: Egypt, poor, Housing

Jobstacles: Is it possible to have too many jobs?

As teenagers head out in search of summer jobs in a tough market, Youth Radio explores whether any job is a good job.
Posted In: Jobstacles, Youth Radio, youth employment, Unemployment

The most cat and dog friendly states in the US

Does your home state prefer the companionship of canines or cats?
Posted In: cats, dogs, pets, buzzfeed

Surveillance of phone and Internet data: the new normal?

Can consumers really do anything to force Internet and telecommunications companies to fight back against government tracking of personal data?
Posted In: privacy, web privacy, surveillance, security

Meme manager Ben Lashes on Grumpy Cat fame

Chances are, Ben Lashes is the marketing brains behind your favorite viral feline.
Posted In: memes, movie, Internet, culture

May jobs report shows increased, but slow, hiring

The May jobs report showed increased hiring, but with a few caveats.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, jobs report, Unemployment, longreads

Coachella Valley businesses see benefit in Presidential summit

Their governments may not want to publicize the cost of President Obama's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Sunnylands, but local business owners are looking forward to a mini-economic boom.
Posted In: summit, Obama, Xi Jinping, tourism, government spending

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