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The London Olympics are here -- and the brand police are out in full force. Ford may be looking to aluminum for its new pickup trucks. A New York grocery store has created a "man aisle" stocked with all the goods a dude could want. The drought isn't keeping one Denver development from charging a $200 ticket, despite restrictions on watering. Hollywood studios looking to raise a little extra money are selling off iconic props and costumes through major auction houses.  And host Tess Vigeland takes us for a walk around the newest edition to Downtown L.A.'s cityscape -- Grand Park.

A walk in the park

A little green space in the middle of the concrete jungle of downtown Los Angeles can remind office workers what's really important in life.
Posted In: urban parks

Weekly Wrap: Contrary economic indicators

The Dow vaulted back over 13,000 while Gross Domestic Product just treads water in the shallow end of the pool. What can we take away from the latest economic data?
Posted In: GDP, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Dow, Weekly Wrap

Ford looks to lighten its pickup trucks

Ford reportedly plans to swap aluminum for much of the steel in its F-150 pickup truck. Will the gamble for fuel efficiency fly with customers?
Posted In: Ford, aluminum, steel

Take a walk though the country's newest urban park

The Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles offers much needed -- and some say, long overdue -- green space in the neighborhood.
Posted In: los angeles, urban parks, downtowns

Movie artifacts rake in big bucks at auctions

Hollywood costumes and props used to be sold on eBay. The sale of a big private collection shows that specialty auctions are now the way to go.
Posted In: Collectibles, movie memorabilia, Investing

Shopping in the man cave

A New York grocery store creates a special space just for men.
Posted In: Retail, men, New York

Drought? What drought? Homeowners fined for brown lawns

A homeowners association in Denver has issued hundred of tickets to residents this year for failing to keep up their lawns in the drought.
Posted In: homeownership, colorado, lawns

London Olympics' brand exclusion zone rankles some

'Brand police' on the look out for ads near Olympic Park that aren't official sponsors.
Posted In: London Olympics, Olympics 2012, Olympics

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