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The FDA has released their new rules for food safety. Some people are promoting the idea of minting a trillion-dollar coin to prevent hitting the debt ceiling. The Wealthy & Poverty asks people who make $250,000 or more if they consider themselves rich. Freelance workers are looking more and more attractive to companies that want to save money. Author and Geomagic CEO Ping Fu talks about her youth in communist China and her adulthood as a tech entrepreneur. And David Gura reports the number of guns owned by Americans is rising, even though the percentage of people who own guns is falling.

Minting, not printing, dollars to ease debt

A trillion dollar coin? It’s legal for the Treasury to mint and it could resolve the debt ceiling debate. But don’t bet your paper money on it.
Posted In: debt ceiling, currency

Ping Fu on entrepreneurship and the resilience of the human spirit

Ping Fu talks about her rise from prisoner in communist China to CEO of tech company Geomagic.
Posted In: ping fu, 3D printing, Tech

Why so many guns? For one thing, it's a business

The number of guns owned by Americans is rising, even though the percentage of people who own guns is falling. Turning gun owners into gun collectors is part of the business.
Posted In: guns

FDA to food industry: Food safety plans are required

The long-awaited FDA rules focus on preventing outbreaks of food-borne illnesses, rather than tracking after the fact how they occurred.
Posted In: Food, food safety, recall, FDA

Ringing in the New Year: So where are the jobs?

The U.S. economy adds 155,000 jobs in December, and the unemployment rate remains steady at 7.8 percent.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Jobs, Unemployment

Do the wealthy think they're wealthy?

The tax code may put high earners in the top bracket, but they don't always agree that they are rich.
Posted In: Taxes, wealth, Rich, fiscal cliff, progressive taxes

Headhunters adapt to gig-based economy

As the creative economy moves toward contract work, headhunters are evolving their approach to business, as well.
Posted In: freelancing, headhunting, freelance

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