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Procter & Gamble
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What we have here is a jobs recovery without a wage recovery. We look at why more Americans are working, but average wages aren't even keeping up with inflation. Plus, Procter & Gamble says it’s going to get rid of half its nearly 200 brands. How did that happen, in a company famed for its highly focused brand management? Also, Auto sales are intriguing this quarter. They're not as good as analysts had expected, but those expectations were very high. We look at why cars are selling so well right now.  

Automakers could sell 16 million cars this year. What?

That's the biggest auto sales number in eight years.
Posted In: cars, car sales, Ford, Chrysler

Everything in this store is made out of felt

Because who doesn't need a dose of felt Prozac every now and again?
Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble shaves off a few brands

Procter & Gamble says it's getting rid of as many as 100 more brands.
Posted In: Procter & Gamble, brands

More jobs, but wages stay flat

More Americans are working, but average wages aren't keeping up with inflation.
Posted In: Jobs, low wages, inflation, economic recovery

Wall Street sees an opportunity in baby boomers

Boomers are targets for financial advisers eager for a slice of their retirement.
Posted In: baby boomers, financial planning

Photographing the wage gap over time

Jim Goldberg compares two economic classes through his collection of photographs.

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