Marketplace for August 9, 2011

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Marketplace for August 9, 2011

The downgrade's effect on cities' budgets and growth

Michael Bissonette, mayor of Chicopee, Mass., discusses how the S&P downgrade decision is already affecting his city and its plans for expansion and job growth

Oil prices sing the recession blues

But on the upside, it could mean lower gas prices at the pump
Posted In: Oil

Fannie and Freddie downgrades could ripple through the economy

The downgrades of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could make it more difficult for Americans to buy a house, and further damage the wider economy
Posted In: Housing

Fed to hold rates steady for two years

The Federal Reserve said the economy is still suffering, and took the unprecedented step of saying it will hold rates at nearly zero until the middle of 2013
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

U.K. riots hit areas that can least afford them

Rioting in London and a few other major British cities is concentrated in poor areas that can ill afford to deter businesses and jobs

Can Verizon hear them now?

More than 40,000 workers continue to strike
Posted In: Law

The differing fortunes of Saab and Volvo

Two years after GM sold Saab and Ford sold off Volvo, there has been a striking difference in how the Swedish brands have fared.
Posted In: Auto

Freakonomics: Why are we so bad at predicting the future?

People make a lot of money making predictions, so why are they so rarely right? Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about accountability in fortune telling.

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