Marketplace for August 11, 2011

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Marketplace for August 11, 2011

Measuring people's anxieties over the markets

The Market Volatility Index, or the VIX, quite literally measures how investors are feeling about the stock markets -- which these days is pretty volatile. Its inventor discusses how the chart works
Posted In: Wall Street

How the downgrade is affecting you

Everyday Americans tell us how the U.S. credit downgrade is impacting their lives.
Posted In: Economy

Cisco Systems reports solid earnings

But there's a dark side to its report -- the U.S. government.

Social media speeds up market rumors

Add Twitter to the flow of market-moving information -- and misinformation. That's making the trading day more complicated

First moves from the Colbert Super PAC

In Iowa, the shadowy Stephen Colbert-run political action committee rears its head

Speculators put France under pressure

France enjoys a AAA credit rating, but speculators are pressuring the Gallic republic, which they see as the Eurozone's next weakest link

In China, signs translated into English baffle

With rising tourism, more Chinese signs are translated into English, often inaccurately. Some call the resultant puzzling hybrid "Chinglish."
Posted In: China

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