Marketplace for April 11, 2011

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Marketplace for April 11, 2011

A month after the earthquake, Japan struggles

One month after a 9.0 earthquake then a tsunami and nuclear leak hit Japan's Northeast coast, the country is struggling to mend its economy.

Has the government promised more than it can deliver?

Robert Samuelson of Newsweek and The Washington Post discusses why the government may have set itself up for failure, and why constituents are to blame.

Federal budget deal is $38.5 billion

Marketplace reports on what gets cut this fiscal year and who takes the hit.

As gas prices rise, drivers step off the pedal

Gasoline sales have fallen for five straight weeks, according to MasterCard, signaling that pump prices may have reached an economic tipping point.
Posted In: Oil

Doctors take chances with their health

A Duke University study finds doctors often choose riskier treatments for themselves than for their patients.
Posted In: Health

Debt debate forces companies to ask: What if?

As the political battle shifts from the budget to the U.S. debt, banks and other firms weigh contingency plans for a possible government default.
Posted In: Banks

Rooster feathers prized by fishermen are now popular in hair salons

Competition between anglers and stylists threatens a shortage of rooster feathers. Producers look to boost supply.
Posted In: Agriculture

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