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Egypt has declared a state of emergency. What's that mean for its economy? Trader Bruno Iksil, nicknamed the "London Whale," is cooperating with the government in its case against JP Morgan. Who should be worried? In the U.K., tempers are flaring over the possibility of the government drilling fracking holes in the countryside. In California, farm workers are headed to the office of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to persuade him to advance immigration reform legislation in the House. Also, a look at what hummus wants to do with sports fan and why Coke is running an ad defending artificial sweeteners. Plus, a Los Angeles-based artist discusses her latest work, "Dream Home Resource Center."

In rural England, fracking finds few friends

Britain's government supports fracking as a source of cheap gas and jobs but his plans are meeting stiff resistance in the countryside, where New Age protesters and rich conservative country-dwellers want none of it.
Posted In: fracking, sustainability, U.K., United Kingdom (U.K.)

Why hummus is looking for some sports fans

One brand of hummus is hoping to appeal to more male consumers across the U.S.
Posted In: hummus, NFL, advertising, Food

Farm workers march for immigration reform

Thousands of farm workers marched today in favor of promptly legalizing undocumented immigrants. Some farmers, however, want to hold out for a better deal.
Posted In: Immigration, Bakersfield, ag biz

Making art out of the housing crisis

A new art exhibit in Los Angeles looks at the history of housing in America and how our views on the home have changed over time.
Posted In: art, housing crisis, museum

Egypt's state of emergency could have major effects on economy

Today the military-backed government of Egypt declared a month-long state of emergency -- as supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi continue to clash with security forces.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi

Why Coke is defending sweeteners in an ad campaign

Faced with declining diet soda sales, Coca-Cola launches campaign to defend the safety of artificial sweetener.
Posted In: Coca-cola, Coke, diet coke, soda

Ex-JPMorgan employees charged. Who else should be worried by the London Whale?

Thanks to cooperation from Bruno Iksil, a.k.a. the London Whale, the Justice Department's charged two people for allegedly hiding the size of JPMorgan's $6 billion trading loss.
Posted In: JP Morgan, JPMorgan Chase, London Whale

The New York Times works around website outage

The Grey Lady's website went down for more than an hour today, leading to some creative workarounds.
Posted In: New York Times

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