Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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First up, Brian Fung, technology reporter for the Washington Post, talks about Comcast expanding its Internet Essentials program by offering debt forgiveness for low-income families with outstanding Comcast bills. Then, what does it take to turn your town into a tech hub? Sometimes, having a wealthy resident can help. Aaron Mendelson reports on how the city of San Leandro is trying to make this transformation.

Why are more people joining credit unions?

Credit unions have seen a spike in membership since 2011.
Posted In: credit unions

Wannabe tech cities need angel investors, too

What's it take to turn your town into a tech hub? A wealthy resident helps.
Posted In: broadband, Bay Area, Tech
Comcast truck

Comcast expands low-income internet program

Looking at the motivations behind Comcast's eased eligibility requirements.
Posted In: Comcast, internet access, child poverty

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