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All right, you struggling screenwriters. We're about to hand you a plot. It will start in an unlikely place: The fact that it's been 40-years since research was published that led to the development of LCD flat screens, which revolutionized computers and TV. British Chemist George Gray came up with a way to make liquid crystals that worked -- here was the trick -- at room temperature. Mark Lorch wrote about this in The Guardian. Lorch is also a chemist at Britain's University of Hull, and he tells the story of a faked death and the British military. 

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Worldwide Internet slows after massive spammer cyberattack

Internet users around the world have been noticing sluggish responses from even sophisticated computer systems such as Netflix after what's being called the 'world's largest cyberattack.'
Posted In: cybercrime, spam, cybersecurity

The incredible history of LCD flat-screen TV

What does the origin of the LCD flat-screen have to do with a hidden identity and the British military?
Posted In: Tech, tv, england

The many uses of robot snakes

A robot snake -- just like the name suggests -- is a long, segmented metal rig. When you toss it, it automatically wraps around whatever it hits.
Posted In: robots, spying, Tech

Did Microsoft put a padlock on Windows 8?

A group of European software developers is complaining that Microsoft uses a feature to block alternate operating systems on machines bought with Windows 8.
Posted In: Microsoft, windows, Europe, spain

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