Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Although its smartphone business is hurting, BlackBerry may spin off its popular messaging service. All this comes as the company could be getting ready to put the whole firm up for sale. And Nissan says it will offer self-driving cars by the year 2020. Google is also in that space. But driverless cars raise unusual new legal issues we really haven't had to think about before.

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Burning Man isn't just for music, drugs, and dancing anymore

The alternative culture festival is big among the tech scene.

A quarter century of 'Madden NFL'

What's behind the popularity of one of history's most successful video game franchises?
Posted In: video games, madden, NFL

The Syrian Electronic Army strikes again

The New York Times and Twitter are its latest targets.
Posted In: syria, hacking

Who gets a ticket when there's no one behind the wheel?

Driverless cars are on the horizon. So are new legal challenges to deal with them.
Posted In: driverless cars, Google, Nissan

Nebraska Apple store is actually a classroom

It’s the first student-run Apple Store for aspiring marketers, accountants, and entrepreneurs.
Posted In: Apple Store, apple, Retail

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